6 New Kitchen Trends in 2024

Natural materials, textured kitchen fronts, and soft pastel colors: Kitchen trends turn the kitchen into a space where everyone likes to gather. We present to you what novelties the kitchen manufacturers now have to offer.

6 New Kitchen Trends in 2024
Matte finishes and natural materials in the kitchen are all the rage in 2022.
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The most important things, in a nutshell

  • Certain kitchen furniture, styles, or color tones give kitchens a certain look – modern, fancy, or homely.
  • In 2024, pastel colors will be in the kitchen. In contrast, combining these bright colors with black is best to create great accents.
  • The surfaces and electrical appliances should be matte, according to the current kitchen trends.
  • In addition, new models with great features are on the market, such as faucets, where boiling water comes directly from the tap.

1. Trend: Natural Materials

In times when sustainability is becoming more and more important, it is not surprising that the kitchen should also look more and more natural. Wood now meets various types of stone in the room; concrete or clay is also present in many kitchens. The combination of wood shelves and cabinets with stone countertops gives the room a minimalist flair that still exudes coziness – especially natural stone. With a modern design, the kitchen made of wood does not look bulky, as is often the case with country-style kitchens, but airy and open.

2nd Trend: Kitchen Fronts With Structure

Speaking of wood: now more and more often seen are kitchen fronts made of vertically structured wood. The structure gives the kitchen liveliness, and the longitudinal stripes make the kitchen fronts look higher. The high gloss was yesterday. This year, people are enjoying the three-dimensional effect of textured wood fronts. Whether they are made of walnut, oak, or beech wood, what’s more, if you go for a handleless drawer design when planning your kitchen, your storage space will look more unobtrusive.

3rd Trend: Soft Colors

You can enjoy pastel colors in the kitchen if you like them soft. Delicate pink, light yellow, or lime green are among the absolute kitchen trends. In contrast, these light colors are often combined with black to create great accents. Be it a black kitchen countertop to pastel-colored kitchen fronts or a granite or marble countertop to fronts and dishwasher in black and light colors. These combinations make the room much more visually attractive.

If you are worried that black upper cabinets or fronts might make the kitchen space look cramped and small but still want a contrasting look, you can also combine the pastel trendy colors with dark anthracite, for example.

4th Trend: Matte Surfaces

Whatever you choose for your kitchen, the surfaces should be matte, according to current kitchen trends. And that’s not all: this year, a matte look is also in vogue for appliances and countertops. By the way, this also has a clear advantage when it comes to cleaning: while with a high-gloss look you see every fingerprint and always have to wipe everything off immediately, matte surfaces are more forgiving if you haven’t gotten around to cleaning.

Trend 5: Fittings That Can Do More

For cooking, drinking and washing up: everything comes out of one tap! If you look around now for new faucets for the kitchen, you’ll find models that have great additional functions. With a twist, boiling water comes out of the tap, and a squeeze lets you tap carbonated water. The only thing you need is a faucet with the appropriate capacity and space. For the water to come out of the tap as desired, you need appropriate water reservoirs, which are installed under the sink. A clever solution that makes everyday life easier.

6th Trend: Quiet Kitchen Appliances

As the trend moves toward open-plan living kitchens, the noise of kitchen appliances has taken on a whole new meaning. Just because the refrigerator is humming, you can’t hear the TV in the living room? That would be quite annoying. That’s why the following applies to cooker hoods, ovens, microwaves, and the like: Humming is silver, silence is gold. For this reason, manufacturers are also focusing more on this.

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