Office in the Living Room: Tips and Creative Solutions for Desk and PC

More and more people are in flexible jobs where they also work from home occasionally. But only some have room to set up an office. Then, for example, the living room must serve as a workplace. We show you many ideas, tips, and tricks to set up an office in your living room.

Space for Desk and PC in the Living Room

Now, you don’t want to be constantly reminded of work in your free time. That’s why you should furnish your home office to fit harmoniously into the room – this can be done, for example, with a living room wall with an integrated desk. Here you have enough storage space for all your documents and can also make it homely and decorative. Printers and scanners should disappear into the lower cabinets when work is done, and paperwork into the drawers.

Another option is to work with modular furniture such as shelf walls as room dividers. They separate the living area from the working area. Sideboards, screens, or sliding panels also make ideal room dividers. Whichever option you choose, it is important that the workspace can be integrated into the living style and is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Of course, how you can integrate your office into the living room depends on the room size. The larger the room, the easier it is to find a niche. Also, it would help if you considered what you need besides your PC or laptop. Are printers and scanners necessary, how many folders do you need to stow away, and what can you possibly do without (if space is limited)? If you spend several days in your home office, set it up as ergonomically as possible.

Small Office in the Living Room

If you only need a little space, a secretary is suitable as a desk in the living room. It offers enough space for documents and work utensils with its drawer lands. Besides, it is a creative idea for a home office. You can take an aged secretary (from a flea market), carefully sand it and repaint it. So you have a new and functional piece of furniture in shabby chic garb.

A secretary is especially suitable for a small office in the living room
A secretary is especially suitable for a small office in the living room.

The right desk in the living room

Once you have created enough space, it’s about the right desk. The best place is a light-flooded corner in the room. Ideally, the desk should fit well in the corner, leaving space for shelves or cabinets. After all, to keep things tidy, you need storage space. As a rule, desks have a height of 72 centimeters. However, more and more height-adjustable desks can be adjusted to your height in no time. For a body height of 1.75 meters, the optimum desk height should be 71 centimeters and the seat height 47 centimeters.

The workspace in the living room should be as bright and ergonomic as possible
The workspace in the living room should be as bright and ergonomic as possible.

Office in an open living space

If you have an open or large living space, in addition to a small alcove, you can create an office with a living wall. Such a large shelf wall with an integrated desk can be wonderfully transformed into a workplace. The advantage: If you pack away the PC and all work utensils after work, you can hardly see that the area serves as a workplace during the day.

A living wall can be turned into a home office shelf during the day
A living wall can be turned into a home office shelf during the day.

Tips for an office in the living room

  1. Choose a place or corner where you feel comfortable
  2. Make sure you have good daylight or background lighting
  3. Separate the work area to avoid distractions
  4. If you work a lot in your home office, ensure you have ergonomic furniture.
  5. Keep things tidy: Sufficient storage space should be available directly at the workplace.
  6. Delineate the office area so that you are not disturbed and can work with concentration.
  7. Indoor plants such as the elephant foot or lucky bamboo also create a soothing atmosphere at the workplace at home.
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