Furnish One-Room Apartment to Save Space

Are you living quality in 14 square meters? Furnishing a one-room apartment is a challenge – but possible. You can find the most important design tips and an example of a successful implementation here.

Tip 1: Go for multifunctional furniture

The most important thing when furnishing a one-bedroom apartment is good planning and clever ideas: Accommodating a study, bedroom, and living room in just one room is a real challenge. The easiest way to separate the living areas is to use room dividers or large furniture such as sofas or shelves. Make sure that the room divider does not look too bulky: With a shelf, a few compartments should remain empty so that light falls through and the viewer can see what is behind it – this visually widens the room. High cabinets as room dividers are not recommended, at most, to completely shield the sleeping area.

Since the furniture in a small living space must be cozy and space-saving, in a small apartment, you should rely on multifunctional furniture and less on bulky furniture. Here, extendable desks that can be transformed into a dining table if necessary, sofa beds, secretaries – which offer storage space and room for writing – or beds with clever underframes, such as drawers, come in handy. Students might also consider loft beds, which leave enough space underneath for a desk. If you can’t do without a coffee table, choose a version that can be pushed together with a wrist flick.

Tip 2: Create storage space

A small trick can be used to create more storage space in a one-room apartment: with the help of wall shelves. They occupy only a little space and offer room for all utensils. They are particularly suitable for the living room and kitchen. When decorating a one-room apartment, many need to remember the sides of their furniture. Equipped with wicker or wire baskets, they can be used as holders for newspapers and magazines or as storage space for other small things.

Making the apartment look bigger
If you want to make a one-bedroom apartment look bigger and more homey, don’t just focus on the furniture: With the right colors, clever lighting, and well-placed mirrors, a small room will look much bigger immediately.

Tip 3: Choose the right colors

However, it would help never to paint a one-room apartment in a dark wall color. It makes the room look smaller and can cause anxiety. Light colors, on the other hand, make small rooms look bigger and make them feel more comfortable. In a tubular apartment, it’s advisable to accentuate the end walls by painting them differently or adding pictures – it makes the apartment look wider.

Tip 4: How to properly illuminate a one-room apartment.

Instead of a central ceiling lamp, install several lights in a one-room apartment. A single ceiling lamp makes the walls look closer together, making the room look even smaller than it already is. Multiple lamps, on the other hand, make the room look larger. In addition, you should pay attention to what kind of lamps you install. In a room with low ceilings, ceiling washers are particularly suitable. Mounted on the wall, they expand the space upwards. In an apartment with high ceilings, a trick visually shortens the wall: install the lighting so that the light is cast on the lower part of the wall. In this way, you create a harmonious balance between the small living space and the tubular height.

Tip 5: Mirrors have a great effect

You can easily trick with cleverly placed mirrors when designing a hallway or a small bathroom in a one-room apartment. They visually enlarge the room. It is best to place the mirrors so that a window or other bright surface is mirrored: Brightness creates size and width. You can also place mirrors on or, as in our example, in the closet. They stretch the room and, as a full-length mirror, still have a practical use.

Tip 6: Order is half the battle

As hard as it may be: in addition to the right furnishings and visual design, you should pay consistent attention to order in a one-room apartment. Even the most multifunctional piece of furniture or perfectly positioned mirror will not have the desired effect if the room as a whole is dominated by chaos. Regular tidying up is the remedy here. To avoid chaos, you should also be sparing with the decoration. The more decoration in the apartment, the more restless and chaotic it looks.

Example: Living quality on 14 square meters

How to furnish a one-room apartment in a space-saving way is shown by this example from int2architecture. An interdisciplinary team of interior architects, designers, artists, and photographers set themselves the task of getting the best living qualities out of 14 square meters.

The resulting one-bedroom apartment is a multifunctional space with a generous look that meets many requirements: relaxing, working, watching TV, and sleeping, plus storage space for books, clothes, and the like. The highlight: The room has a perfectly designed bunk built in, providing space for many living needs and accommodation. The writing desk stands extra, the white walls and the light floor store the light, and the mainly closed fronts are a visual haven of peace.

Example: Living quality on 14 square meters

Example: Living quality on 14 square meters

Example: Living quality on 14 square meters

Example: Living quality on 14 square meters

Example: Living quality on 14 square meters

Example: Living quality on 14 square meters

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