The Best Alternatives to the Classic Bedside Table

The nightstand in the bedroom serves as a storage surface next to the bed. But it does not have to be the standard table. With these ideas and solutions, you bring variety into the room.

As a bedside table, you can use anything that provides stable storage
As a bedside table, you can use anything that provides stable storage.
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The alarm clock, the cell phone, a book: What all do you have on and on the nightstand next to the bed in your bedroom? The answers to this question are probably as individual as people themselves, yet bedside tables usually look the same. Small pieces of furniture about the same color as the bed offer a drawer and a shelf. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you want to bring some fresh air into your bedroom, here are four ideas for making your nightstand a bit more special.

1. Antique Chairs and Chic Stools

When it comes to the nightstand in the bedroom, it doesn’t even have to be a table in the classic sense. All it needs is an object that provides a storage surface. Even better if it also looks decorative – this is the case with old furniture like chairs or stools. Often you see such furniture at the flea market and think to yourself: pretty, but what should I do with a single chair? The answer: add more charm to the bedroom by turning the chair or stool into a nightstand. It doesn’t matter if the shelves on either side of the bed aren’t the same style. It will make the room even more enjoyable.

Also interesting for those who love to travel and love a unique design on their four walls: Old suitcases repurposed as bedside tables. Like classic bedside cabinets with their compartments, they also offer the possibility of making something disappear inside them. So not everything you want within reach of the bed is immediately visible. The practical thing about these two options is that both the chairs and the cases serve as decoration simultaneously.

2. Use the Swing as a Bedside Table

You can convert a swing into a nightstand if you like it more playful and light. This variant is suitable for people who do not need much storage space next to their bed but only a small storage area. By using the seat of the swing as a nightstand, you not only create a suitable place for the book you’re reading to fall asleep but also add an eye-catching feature to your bedroom. Best of all, you can customize the swing’s look by building it yourself and adding some color to match the rest of the room’s decor. The swing is also excellent if your bed is not against a wall but free in the room, and a night console should not destroy the open ambiance. However, some care should be taken when storing fragile items such as glasses beside your bed.

3. For More Space: Use a Side Table as a Bedside Table

A small storage space isn’t enough for you, and your current nightstand is already full: then the space next to your bed probably needs to be used a bit more. For example, how about using a side table as a nightstand? What is suitable depends primarily on how much space you have in your room. Whether your choice is a tall table or you prefer an elongated piece of furniture is entirely up to you. The choice of side tables is almost endless, so there is a suitable model for every taste. If you wish, you can build the side table yourself.

4. Decorative Wall Ladder

Wall ladders are especially popular in bathrooms, where you can hang towels over the struts, combining decoration and usefulness. However, the same works in the bedroom if you put a wall ladder, respectively a small ladder shelf next to the bed on the wall, and use it as a bedside table. The ladder shelf provides a storage area and more order through the different levels – and space for decoration.

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