Dressing Table: The Best Ideas and Tips

A chaotic make-up table was yesterday! Here you get inspiring tips to furnish the make-up corner to match your style beautifully.

Simple and beautiful: a white dressing table with a mirror top is something for romantics
Simple and beautiful: a white dressing table with a mirror top is something for romantics.
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The most important thing at a glance:

  • The choice of location for your makeup station should be well thought out.
  • Visually match your dressing table to the existing interior style. Natural materials go well with discreet interiors; you can set trends and accents with eye-catching colors.
  • When decorating, besides the decoration, it is important to have organizing systems and suitable storage space.

What would today’s woman be without her dressing table? After all, this type of dressing table is more than just a piece of furniture in the bedroom for storing beauty accessories. Rather, dressing tables with stools and the appropriate lighting act as eye-catchers in any home. In the following article, you will find the best tips and ideas to make your dressing table in the right place, individual, practical, and beautiful.

The Right Location for the Dressing Table

Before you turn to the dressing table ideas for decorating, there is the question of the right location. In principle, you decide whether your beauty corner is in the bedroom or another room. There is no right or wrong here. Choosing a room with bright lighting conditions; then, you will see the effect of makeup in daylight.

A slim dressing table with a wall-mounted mirror doesn't take up much space
A slim dressing table with a wall-mounted mirror doesn’t take up much space.
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A Question of Style: Find Dressing Tables for Any Style of Interior

The dressing table you choose should match the existing decor. The choice is yours: elegant shiny surfaces, glamorously decorated mirrors, or rustic square wood. Do not miss the makeup mirror, in front of which you can always put makeup on and style yourself without getting up from the chair. An additional small, rotating magnifying mirror with integrated lighting proves practical. With it, it is easier to pluck eyebrows or draw precise eyeliner.

  • If you prefer natural materials, choose a dressing table made of wood or bamboo. A combination of wood and glass also looks light and natural.
  • “Less is more”. If this motto appeals to you, you’ll do everything right with a minimalist style. A dressing table with a plain shelf or a narrow console with a marble or stone shelf will fit the bill.
  • Do elegant models appeal to you? Then a custom-made table will complement your interior. Dark woods such as walnut or mahogany show a sense of style.
  • Romantic, playful types flourish in shabby chic or vintage styles. Light shades and pastel colors, such as salmon and pink, set the tone.
  • Dressing tables in bold shades such as petrol, yellow, or emerald green put the personal beauty area in an expressive light and fit in with modernly furnished apartments.

Dressing Table Furnishings: What Matters

Making the Most of Limited Space

Do you lack the space for a beautiful dressing table? Then the idea of a compact dressing table on the wall might excite you. Meanwhile, manufacturers like Altamarea Bath from Italy offer compact and unique consoles for the wall. These are small mini sideboards that, when folded out, reveal a storage area complete with a mirror. These aesthetic pieces of furniture are optimal for rooms that do not have enough space for a large chest of drawers. In addition, there are folding dressing tables, in which there is more than meets the eye. For example, the “Magic Cube” from Yomei is hinged and offers plenty of storage space in numerous small compartments. Once you’re done, you simply fold the two halves back shut.

Use a Stool Instead of Chair

An appealing and space-saving option for the make-up station is to use a stool instead of a chair. For an extra dose of glamour factor, choose a velvet-covered stool to go with a white and gold console, for example.

Create Storage Options

Even the most beautiful table is pure chaos without storage options. If you don’t want to use pre-made organizing systems for your drawers, you can use creative ingenuity to create your storage options. For example, cutlery boxes provide ample space to neatly store utensils like eye shadow and lipsticks. You can quickly customize them with spray paint in the shade of your choice.

In addition, you can upcycle cardboard boxes and store your make-up stuff in them in an orderly fashion. To keep track, paint or stick on the lids in different colors. So you could store blush and eye shadow in the red box, foundation and concealer in the yellow box, and eyeliner and mascara in the blue box.

For large make-up utensils, jars are suitable for upright storage. Here, brushes or setting spray have their place and are always within reach.

Set priorities and sort make-up according to importance

Depending on the make-up routine, sometimes more, sometimes less make-up accumulates on the dressing table. Practically arrange the utensils, for example, like this: Reserve one drawer for the make-up items you use daily. Put makeup that you rarely use in another drawer.

Everything at hand at the dressing table - that's how it should be
Everything at hand at the dressing table – that’s how it should be.
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Complement the Dressing Table With Good Lighting

Often we put on makeup before dawn or in the evening. Therefore, the make-up place should be illuminated. It is good to pay attention to accent lighting and mount it directly on the mirror or near it. While small wall lamps cast atmospheric light, table lamps illuminate the entire storage area. Alternatively, you can place a floor lamp next to the dressing table or use a mirror with integrated spotlights. It is advisable to use daylight lamps so that you do not apply your makeup too weakly or too strongly.

Every Dressing Table Needs the Right Decoration

Only with the appropriate decoration you complete your beautifully furnished make-up corner. Shelves with some picture frames, personal postcards or scented candles on them look decorative.

With a jewelry stand or a single flower in a vase, you visually enhance your makeup place. Do you have a green thumb? Houseplants complement the existing decoration and also improve the room climate.

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